Interview with Steffi Bow as She Flys the Flag for Dubai Street Art and gets ready for Femme Fierce

Yes, Dubai’s street art culture is still in its nascent stage. And while it may never get the same kind of large scale coverage that street art in more established cities does, it may start to show street art as “fine art,” thereby legitimizing it

Inspiring City

Put simply, Dubai is not the sort of place you would expect to see a thriving graffiti writing and street art scene. Yet against the odds this gleaming capital of excess has developed an an outdoor art culture all of it’s own.

Not quite the mean streets of Hackney and Shoreditch, the rules are slightly different, the Emirates is not a society in which any unsanctioned work is encouraged. Whoa betide the tagger who rocks up and scrawls on some of the gleaming metal of the Burj Khalifa or any other building for that matter. Deportation, fines and even prison could await in a state with an advanced use of CCTV.

Yet for Steffi Bow, who moved the city from the East End of London six years ago it just means adapting to the culture of the place “we have created our own way of doing things” she told…

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