Katrin Sigurdardottir: “I just try to give through the making of my work”

Sigurdardottir speaks about the her Venice Biennale exhibition, on architecture and her work with The Art World Demystified by Yale Radio

Katrin Sigurdardottir

 [My work deals with] the look of architecture, without the function of architecture…[It’s] the skin of architecture, but it doesn’t have the skeleton of architecture

The Works of Sigurdardottir helped me contextualize this conversation.

On the Symposium and a potential conversation with an art critic on her latest body of work :

Something that I was thinking about as I finished my piece in Venice Paradox of the ship of Theseus [..] when the ship of Theseus has been taken apart piece by piece […] is it still the same ship that we began with?

On being asked about the role of the participant/viewer in her earlier works:

I am fundamentally interested in the parallel, and sometimes conflicting modes of perception…and how you are immersed in a sculpture and looking at it as a picture, and how [the body] fits into the picture

High Place


The Suitcase with “grass” that set her on her journey


The most important thing for every artist is to make the work in a way that is comfortable and suitable for [them]…It’s an ongoing process


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